Why we built Fix.Live

The best solutions make the complex simple.

We are ourselves fixers. In everything we do our ultimate joy is that of a problem solved.

And so we made a messaging app for ourselves and realised it's for everybody.

Each fix is unique but every job has one vital constant: communication.




The Fix.Live Story

The story actually begins almost 100 years ago...

West of Scotland Engineering opens in 1920, as a cart wheel repairer.


Times change

Ever the innovators and passionate about getting things fixed, WOSE develops into an engine repair specialist.

West of Scotland Engineering at a trade show 1940s

Recessions hit, but this repair company thrives

It's not easy, but the repair industry is always needed, and moving with the times helps keep WOSE strong.

West of Scotland Engineering featured in the newspaper in 1992 1992

New challenges in a new era

Technology moves on in leaps and bounds, but stuff still needs fixed and WOSE continues to grow. As the fourth generation of the family to run the business, Ross Somerville realises WOSE and the repair industry as a whole is falling behind in using technology. It's a challenge that is only going to get bigger.

The West of Scotland Engineering team today 2017

An idea turns into action

Ross develops the idea for Fix.Live to solve the problems and weaknesses he sees in how repair businesses are run. External advisors confirm it's a solid idea. Ross and his brother Craig set up Fix.Live Ltd and the app starts to take shape.

Fix.Live logo 2018

All systems go!

The Fix.Live team expands to include Geoff and Alan, the app is developed, tested and released. Every repair business in the UK can now benefit from a tool that is easy to use, and specifically built for fixers.


Meet the Fix.Live team

  • Ross Somerville

    Ross Somerville


    Founder. Engineer. The man with the plan. Runs a 99 year old repair business.

  • Craig Somerville

    Craig Somerville


    Co-founder. Marketing. Content. Operations.

  • Geoff Todd

    Geoff Todd


    Co-founder. Strategy. Web. Analytics.

  • Alan Layt

    Alan Layt


    Lead developer.