What are the benefits for a sole trader in taking payments in-chat?

There are a whole host of benefits, but mainly when anyone talks about taking payments it is about speed and security being an equal number one in priority.

First of all, we use Stripe to process the payments in the Fix.Live app, which means we are using one of the biggest, most secure, and most trusted payment platforms on the globe. Secondly, we have developed this releationship with Stripe to integrate their secure processes into our chat functionality so that users, both payee and payer, are instantly notified of payment requests and confirmations. This gets rid of waiting for payments to clear in your accounts to action whatever it is you need to do. How good would it be to save time awaiting BACS, or even using a seperate invoicing system just to get paid, when within the same chat, as the very job you are being paid for, you can request a payment and be told the second it is paid? Awesome!

More food for thought - Do you take deposits before you go ahead with work? Use the payment request option in your chat for deposits too.