Will my SME (or larger) company benefit from using the payment option in chat?

If you seek fast, secure, and easy payments, then "yes" is the answer.

The best thing about our payments is that they are located within the job/chat, so they are accountable and in a timeline in amongst everything that has taken place in that chat.

Happy and repeat customers is a goal for everyone in business, especially when your customers know that you take payment security seriously and appreciates hassle-free simplicity as much as you.

From your accounts perspective as a business, the main highlight for these in-chat payments is that you are notified in the job chat the instant your customer pays. So, now you dont have to check accounts for payments, nor do you have to play the "I didn't recieve the invoice" game over email and telephone. Accountability, honesty, speed and security for everyone with Fix.Live in-chat payments.

We are also cheaper than PayPal.