Why would my occasional customers like Fix.Live?

Great question!

You are busy and so are your customers, so offering chat, which is the most efficient method of communication and accountability, comes with obvious benefits. It is also the fastest growing method of communication. However, Fix.Live is different from other chat/instant messaging platforms because it offers two main features and a whole plethera of benefits that come with what we have built:

1) Jobs are seperated in to chats - This means that you don't have an endless scroll of chat with one contact, but instead you can look at the individual jobs you are working on and all the details you need are right there be it images, video, text, locations, weather, departments, and who is accountable for each piece of information, and when. Most importantly, your customers will appreciate not talking to you via their personal social media account. The chats are about the job in hand, not about the people at either end.

2) Deep link sharing - We have built a way of inviting others to a chat that does not require the recipient to have the app. i.e. If you send a job chat to a recipient's mobile for example via SMS, they can then click the link and view the chat content on a unique web page on any device they open. What's more, is that on that webpage there is a button to download the app to continue with the chat, and it opens that particular chat on the recipent's iOS or Android mobile device. Easy! This is called Deep Linking.

Your customers will love you for simple and efficient communication with all the right details in the right place including images, video, text, loaction, weather etc.