Why would I take payments in chat?

"I can take payments so many different ways now, what makes Fix.Live different?"

There are a whole host of benefits, but mainly when anyone talks about taking payments it is about speed and security being equal number one(s) in priority. However, you are slightly different and face a bigger struggle, your customers want to feel reassured that you are who you say you are as a part-time professional. You might not have a nice website, your social media might be sporadic etc. so you personally and how you present yourself is what your customers invest in. Treat your customers well and provide them with more faith in you by using Fix.Live and all its features.

  • Fast payments
  • Secure and trusted payments
  • Immediate notifications of payments
  • In-chat, in-timeline payments
  • Secure payment processor - Stripe (get thier app to see your account, balance, transactions etc)
  • Cheaper merchant fees
  • Excellent support

First of all for your confidence, we use Stripe to process the payments in the Fix.Live app, which means we are using one of the biggest, most secure, and most trusted payment platforms on the globe (What is Stripe?). Secondly, we have developed a releationship with Stripe to integrate their secure processes into our chat windows so that users, both payee and payer, are instantly notified of payment requests and confirmations. This gets rid of waiting for payments to clear in your accounts to action whatever it is you need to do. How good would it be to save time awaiting BACS, writing and emailing invoices and all the other benefits that many invoicing platforms offer, but instead getting paid within the same chat as the very job you are being paid for? Instantly too - Awesome!

Seamless and frictionless payments at some of the most competitive commissions ever, offering satifsfaction for you and your customer.

See our pricing page for details