Request and take payments

Making a request to be paid, and getting paid, could not be simpler than using the Fix.Live app. 

  1. Open a job chat in the correct workspace
  2. Press the card button card.png (at this stage, if you have not linked your Stripe account to your Fix.Live app, simply go to the workspace page Workspace profile.png and select "Payments". Fill out the quick and easy activation form by pressing "Enable Stripe". Go back to the chat you were in, press the card button card.png and continue with step 3 below). 
  3. Type in the total value to be charged. (This is the total amount, please consider your taxes if any, and the commission that will be deducted (see here for for current rates)  for payment processing).
  4. A 'Payment Request' window will be generated in the chat window for the recipient to "Pay by card".
  5. Once the recipient has paid using a card, you will be instantly notified AND STRIPE WILL PAY YOUR NOMINATED ACCOUNT WITHIN THE TIMEFRAME ON YOUR STRIPE ACCOUNT.