Can I separate tasks with my friends, family, work, and hobby?

We're so glad you asked! We call this the Workspace Selector.

This is a feature we have spent a lot of time creating to make it effortless for you to organise your chats/jobs in to any workspace you desire. Simply go to the workspace selector and follow the prompts to create as many workspaces of whomever you would like included. From your business, to your hobby, maybe your local football team, cycling or fishing buddies, to friends, family and more. Why not start up a small team of like minded people and keep in touch about whatever connection you have as a group. What's also cool is 'Yes' a workspace can be a business and groups of people, but it can also just be you if you'd like it to be. ie. If you make things and want to sell them easily with instant notifcations of payment, like a fly tyer selling his flies to anglers, or an freelancer to his/her customers, create a workspace called something like "Joe Bloggs Fly Tying" and start chatting privately to your customers in individual chats which are laid out as your orders. So simple.

The Fix.Live app is designed for anyone to use however they want to use it. From fly tyers to small to medium sized businesses to large companies spanning countries. And it's Free!