Can I enquire with a company I know or don't know, as a customer?


The beauty of Fix.Live is that you can send your favourite businesses, or services, an enquiry even if they've never heard of Fix.Live. If you have just learned of a new company, the same story applies.

Create your message or enquiry by taking an image/video, explaining whats wrong and simply share it however you decide using the blue plus icon in the bottom left of any job/chat. Some examples of how to share a job are with SMS, email, copy the link, social media, whatever you wish.

If the business you are enquiring with doesn't have the Fix.Live app, don't worry they receive a link that they can view your enquiry online with any device or computer. They will be able to download the free app from that screen and almost instantly reply to you.

Use Fix.Live for all the things around the house, the garden, the car(s), the hobby and your work.