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What is Stripe?

In their own words 1/10/2018 Stripe says it's:

"The new standard in online payments"

"Stripe is the best software platform for running an internet business. We handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world."

Stripe is the biggest and most trusted payment processing platform we know of. Learn all about Stripe here:


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Why Fix.Live uses Stripe?

For us, we chose Stripe for these simple yet fundamental reasons:

  • Confidence
  • Security
  • Ease
  • Speed
  • Transparency



Do I need a Stripe account, and how to get one?

If you would like to make easy, secure and instant payment requests, accept payments within the Fix.Live app, and be notified immediately when you are paid, you are required to complete a one-time-only Stripe activation form which is very quick and effortless.

What this activation does, is it creates a Stripe account for you, or your business, offering you the confidence that your details are secure and that you are using a trusted and a PCI compliant legal platform to receive payments.

To complete the Stripe activation form:

  1. Simply, press the workspace button Workspace profile.png. Confirm you are in the workspace you wish to add payment features to. Select "Payments" in the menu and then the "Enable Stripe" button.
  2. Complete the form that you are presented with on the secure Stripe link that Fix.Live directs you to. Make sure you complete all the required fields. (If you already have a Stripe account and wish to link it to your Fix.Live workspace - click sign in to link your account).
  3. Press the "Authorize access to this account" button at the foot of the form and follow the prompts (if any).


Your activation is accepted straight away and you can start using the payment feature in Fix.Live immediately. Confirmation of your Stripe activation is stated on your profile page. You can see this if you open the workspace you have registered and select the Workspace Profile.png icon. 



Why should I get the Stripe App?

We love everything Stripe has built so far and when we integrated it in to our app we considered having all the reporting and balances, transaction history etc in our app. We found that completely unnecessary because Stripe have a brilliant app that compliments what we do, we recommend anyone that links their Fix.Live workspace(s) with Stripe should get the Stripe Dashboard app too.

You can get the Stripe Dashboard app at one of the following links:

iOS.png      android.png 

How do i request and take payments?

Please see this page here to Request and take payments.