Getting started with the Fix.Live app

Quick Start Guide:

1. Create a business workspace (top left workspace icon)

2. Go to Workspace profile.png, choose “Payments” and then press “Enable Stripe”

3. Fill out this short and one-time-only form to allow you to securely take payments from your customers in a chat

4. Add your workspace “members”, these are your co-workers (if any).

5. Create your first job in that workspace by pressing red plus square.PNG

6. Add text, photos, videoscamera.png, location, weather blue cross.png

7. “Invite people” or a customer to join that job blue cross.png

You can create labels for departments, co-workers, priorites, status etc. and also change your notifcation's settings too, read below.


Getting started with a new app can be daunting, restrictive and often frustrating.

We have made it very easy for you to start up, connect and organise with as much freedom as possible. If ever you need some support, you can ask us to give you call, or chat with us online (red chat bubble on our website) or in the app's Settings "Chat with Fix.Live Support".

  1. Download Fix.Live on your phone for FREE. Sign up using just your mobile phone number, and NO PASSWORDS to remember!
  2. Create workspaces for different work, project, or interest groups.
  3. Invite people you work/ socialise with into those workspaces, personalise the workspaces and get started together.
  4. Create relevant labels in your workspaces to organise job status, departments, urgency, seasonal, or even chores around the house.
  5. Start a job chat with yourself, with your team in a workspace, or a business/friend even if they don't have the app. Call the job whatever you like.
  6. Use images, videos, weather, location and more to communicate easily and faster, and receive instant reples back.
  7. Use your labels you created to keep each job organised, and you can filter through the labels to see just the ones you need at any time.
  8. Learn how to switch off your notifications for the weekend handing over to the rest of your team.
  9. Set up a (or connecty an existing) Stripe account through the Fix.Live app to go on to request and accept payments in-chat
  10. Search for other Stripe verified users of Fix.Live to start a chat with them.
  11. Tell us what you think! Send us a message through the "Start a chat with Fix.Live" button in the app's Settings. Or click the red bubble to chat via the website.

Navigate to our Support Section for further How To, Troubleshooting  and more.