Doesn't WhatsApp do all that?

The amount of people that ask us "why wouldn't we just continue using WhatsApp instead of getting Fix.Live?" doesn't surprise us. However, what has surprised us is the amount of people telling us that this is better for their workspaces and telling us why in just a few simple facts:

  • Fix.Live chats are about jobs/projects/tasks, therefore they are called/titled whatever that job is about.
  • Fix.Live chats are searchable and can be filtered by labels that you create and name. Look up old jobs, find part numbers, search by department, who did what, when, where, it is all available instantly.
  • Fix.Live chats are not continuous scrolls of chat, they are specific details about the title of the job, be it a job number, or even just "My washing machine".
  • Our chats are exportable as a job report so you don't even need your customer to have the app to see the job details, AND PAY! They can however join a chat if they want via the app. 
  • Fix.Live chats are not social chats, they are about things you want fixed/sorted as a business and a customer. At last, no more notifications on your personal social media platforms at funny hours of the weekend.
  • You can sing about what you do in your workspace profile and add contact info, images and more.
  • Fix.Live offers secure and fast payments, IN THE SAME CHAT WINDOW, so you can request an amount and instantly be notified when it has been paid. 
  • And there's more... Try it for yourself.