Can I use more than one device with my account?

Yes! We have designed the app so you can sign in with any/all of your smart phones or tablets as the same user. Or you can sign in with different accounts and create a workspace so that each user is identifiable. As long as each account has a unique mobile number you can do whatever you like.

For one account and multiple devices, all you need to get started is access to the mobile phone that you created your account with. We send you an access code to that mobile number upon signing in with each differnt device. This means that if you wish to, you can check in on your workspaces from anywhere like your workplace, home, at the shops, in the park, or on holiday with whatever device you have to hand. This app is not designed to get in the way, it is designed for you to use it in any way that suits you.

You don't need to remember passwords any more either. You're welcome.